The Living AbstractLive Online Painting Workshop


If you’ve painted abstract, you know the ecstasy of seeing your painting come to life, only to face the agony of watching it devolve into chaos a few strokes later. Learn to successfully navigate this flow—without losing the life force of your painting and what makes it beautiful.In four weekly sessions, create an artwork that you love—and bring it to completion in a natural and meaningful way.

“There. Now I can see it!” So declared my mentor, first-generation Abstract Expressionist Milton Resnick, as he layered a loose line over a stiff painting. Suddenly, the painting was a unified whole instead of disconnected parts. It was my first inkling that a painting has a life force of its own—and that, instead of inflicting myself on it, I could be receptive to it.
I invite you to approach abstraction in this natural way.

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Here is what you get when you secure your seat:• A sound foundation in abstract painting, so that you understand the role of each stage in the process, which makes a world of difference to your mastery and confidence.• A one-of-a-kind acrylic artwork that comes to life before your eyes. Whether you’re a longtime artist or new to painting, you’ll enjoy being guided step by step through a series of layered intuitive techniques that transcend resistance and naturally lead to a painting with strong composition, depth and flow—so that you can be proud to hang a rich, beautiful artwork that is meaningful to you.Lessons, demonstration, practice, sharing, and feedback—held in four weekly live Zoom sessions, each 2.5 hours, from the convenience of your home. Small, friendly class size assures you get plenty of individual attention to address all your questions.• Downloadable class notes and recordings so you can return again and again to this teaching, which will touch you differently each time.• BONUS: An invaluable Critique Points Checklist that frees you to put criticism aside until the proper moment.

Optional PREMIUM Extra!: For artists who want to paint more and get the most benefit from the workshop. Receive additional private feedback and guidance from Julie during the month. Then, turbocharge with two exclusive one-on-one consultations, post-workshop, scheduled at your rhythm. Gain laser insight—so that you integrate what you learned, bring out your best art, and let it sing! These 1:1 consultations with Julie are not available any other way. (3 seats only)

Be notified first when I open doors again (only 9 slots available):


“I absolutely loved Julie’s workshop. I learned so much that I will revisit time and again on all of my future paintings. I’m thankful for all of the resources she provided and the sharing of her rich experience. Julie is a gifted teacher in bringing out the kid, heart and spirit of a person and a group. She sees, simultaneously, the beauty and the areas for improvement in a huge range of works, styles and experience levels. The critiques of my work and of my fellow students were incredibly helpful. I can’t put into words how magical this experience was for me and it seems for the others as well. And I love the paintings I created in her workshop. I… feel like it’s my great good fortune to have had this special experience! Thank you!”

“Your ability in critiquing is outstanding. You are gifted in tuning into the artist and the painting. It is very impressive.”

“Julie - what can I say! you were great!...good demo showing your step by step technique, wonderful personal contact & critiques, sharing completed works & the feelings one can get from the paint colors & shapes —AND THE WONDERFUL HANDOUT - I enjoyed it immensely.”

“Not only did Julie provide ways to 'tap into' and express our own individual uniqueness, she also shared the keys to making good abstractions, including color theory and mixing, composition, layering techniques, and other fundamentals of art. I learned so much! Her teaching style and personality gave us students the confidence to move forward, and her critiques were brilliant as she shared her experience about just what we needed to bring our paintings 'over the top.' I would take other classes from her and I recommend her highly.”

“Julie is an excellent instructor....Her passion for what she is doing is absolutely inspirational!

“I love Julie: Her art, her teaching style, and as a human being. She always makes a workshop a delightful experience.”

Julie Bernstein Engelmann creates award-winning abstract art that speaks to the heart and spirit. With an MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a B.A. from Barnard College in New York City, Julie has been exhibiting and teaching abstract painting for twenty years. See